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Valley Falls

Valley Falls is a special part of Vernon and the Tankerhoosen Valley, both for its history and today's recreational opportunities today. This section is primarily arranged into a chapter format as it is planned for a book.


1- Geology

2- Native Americans

3- The Johns Family & Our First Mill

4- Dr. Morrison, Slaveowner

5- The Walker Family

6- The Oil Mill

7- The Lyman Farm (1836-1865)

8- The Railroad Arrives (1848)

9- Southeast District Valley Falls School (17??-1911)

10- The Cotton Mill (1849-1877)

11- Sharp's Trout Hatchery (1870-1874)

12- The Year's Between (1875-1910)

  12a- The Dr. Gwynne Place (1875-1897)

  12b- The Hardy Place (1903-1907)

13- The Clubhouse

14- Count Munchow (1910-1913)

  14a- Henrietta Cassin Munchow

  14b- The Alabama

15- The Beach Estate (1915-1965)

16- The Darico Family

17- Creating A Park

18- Saving The Farm (2000)

19- Valley Falls Farm Buildings & Grounds

  19a- Valley Falls Farm Overview

  19b- The Red Barn

  19c- The Farm House

  19d- Other Farm Features

20- The Future Of Valley Falls

A- Valley Falls Timeline

B- Burke's "History of Valley Falls"

C- Valley Falls Park's Other Falls"

D- Valley Falls Heritage Center Committee References

E- Valley Falls Murders

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