Walker Reservoir East. These photos taken July 2010 as part of invasive species inspection.The Tankerhoosen River officially begins at the reservoir dam. Note the stone construction.This first section is surprisingly wide and gentle.For a time it splits into two streams forming an island.And then the streams unite.No real trail but relatively easy walking here.Rock outcroppings create small falls.River slows at it approaches the only pond in the upper river.The river opens into a small dammed pond near a private home.Small dam, again made from stone.Old mill wheel found near the dam.Tumbling on through forested land.Survey team inspected this whole section of the river.Passing under Fish & Game Road. More stone work.Now it gets interesting as the downhill slope increases.Pictures taken before the 2011 hurricane and Halloween storm. Much more deadfall now.Hard walking here as the river tumbles.This is the most picturesque natural falls on the river.
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Survey team inspected this whole section of the river.