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A description of the significant historical places in the Valley including houses and cemeteries.


People have lived and died in this area for almost three hundred years. Five of Vernon's seven burial grounds can be found here where generations of farmers and mill workers have become part of the soil. You will find both the oldest and newest town cemeteries and see monuments and markers for some of the area's most interesting people.

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Two villages grew up around the mills of the lower Tankerhoosen River. Talcottville has been preserved, protected, honored and is now on the National Historical Register. New street lights and signs celebrate its contributions and history.

But Dobsonville, which grew up around the dam and mills on Dobson Road, had a different fate. When the interstate highway came through the area it was sited to miss Vernon Center and Talcottville while paralleling the Tankerhoosen. This took it straight through Dobsonville. Most of the village vanished with the original highway and the rest was removed with the 1980 highway widening and addition of the new entrance on Dobson Road and flyover to Talcottville Road.

Today only the old timers remember Dobsonville, which included Vernon Depot and what is now the Southeast Cemetery at the corner of Route 83 and Dobson Road. Now thanks to the research of Scott Lent you can revisit the mill village and get a feel for life in the late 1900's. Scott collected old photos, interviewed former residents and dug through history books to create and share with you his brand new website.

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Historic Bridges

The Connecticut Department of Transportation published a book on "Connecticut's Historic Highway Bridges" in 1991. Two of the forty bridges included are located in the Tankerhoosen Valley - the keystone arch bridge on Tunnel Road and the iron bridge over the river in Talcottville.

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Historic Properties

The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation posts an inventory of local historic districts and historic properties in Connecticut by town. Although only nine of Vernon and Rockville's historic properties are included all are in the Tankerhoosen Valley. We list them here for reference as they provide a sampling of Vernon's history.

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Meetinghouse Hill

Meetinghouse Hill, located off Route 30, was the site of our first meeting house and school house dating back to the 1760's. On an ancient Indian Trail this was the center of first North Bolton, and later Vernon for 65 years and has a magnificant view overlooking the Tankerhoosen Valley. This is the story of the hill and how it was saved from development.

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Although most of the articles on this website are on the Tankerhoosen River Valley a few have been written out of curiousity about Rockville. These include articles on Rockville's Waterworks, an immigrant furrier, a mill boarding house and historic postcards.

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Valley Falls

Valley Falls is a special part of Vernon and the Tankerhoosen Valley, both for its history and today's recreational opportunities today. This section is primarily arranged into chapter format as it is planned for a book.

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