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Following is a list of studies that contain information and maps on the Tankerhoosen Valley. Most can be found at the Rockville Public Library or the Vernon Historical Society. Some are available online and are so linked.

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Studies & Reports

Because of the environmental significance and pristine conditions in the upper reaches of the Tankerhoosen watershed, the Vernon Conservation Commission, in partnership with the Friends of the Hockanum River Linear Park, Inc. and the Hockanum River Watershed Association, undertook a "State of the Watershed Assessment of the Tankerhoosen River Watershed". The purpose of the assessment was to document and understand the current health of the watershed, as a means of ensuring its future protection.

These studies and others as well as their nature are listed here with links to the reports that are online.

"Baseline Watershed Assessment: Tankerhoosen River Watershed" - by Fuss & O'Neill, May, 2008. This is an assessment of existing conditions in the wartershed, an evaluation of pollutant sources and a prioritization of action items to protect and improve the health of the watershed. It includes geological and historical background as well as wildlife and geographic description. View 94 page document.

"The Bedrock Geology of the Rockville Quadrangle" - by Janet M. Aitken, PhD, 1955, 55 pages. Part of the State Geological and Natural History Survey of Connecticut.

"Hockanum River Watershed Rapid Bioassessment Summary Report 2008"

"Tankerhoosen River Watershed Management Plan" - by Fuss & O'Neill, March, 2009. A plan to identify recommendations that will maintain and enhance water quality and ecological health in and along the Tankerhoosen River and its tributaries. View 157 page document.

"Wildlife Surveys at Selected Locations within the Tankerhoosen Watershed" - This survey was conducted by Jane Seymour, Wildlife Consultant in 2004 to create a baseline and establish the range of wildlife in the Watershed. View 8 page document.


Following is a list of maps that show the evolution of Vernon over the past 300 years. Most are available at the Vernon Historical Society. Many can be found online.

1625 Speith-Griswold Connecticut Map of Indian Villages and Sachemdoms. Published in 1930 to show pre-European Connecticut.

1730 Proprietor's Map of Bolton/Vernon. Created in 1920 to show the early division of land between the 50 proprietors. Map is in Bolton Town Clerk's office.

1766 Moses Park Map of Connecticut. Little detail.

1811 Hudson & Goodwin Connecticut Map. Enough detail to locate Vernon mills. First map published after we separated from Bolton.

1853 E. M. Woodford Vernon Map published by Richard Clark. This is the first detail map and includes houses, businesses and owners. Includes drawings of many businesses and public buildings. Copy on wall at Vernon Historical Society.

1857 Eaton-Osborn Tolland County Map published by Woodford & Bartlett. Includes houses, businesses and names.

1869 Atlas of Windham & Tolland Counties by O. W. Gray. Colored maps of each town including Vernon and Rockville. Includes houses, businesses and names.

1888 Preston & Co. Tolland County Map. Little detail. Shows major roads and railroad.

1893 Hurd & Co. Tolland County Map. Little detail. Shows roads and railroads and school houses.

1895 Bailey & Co Rockville Map. Many sketches of buildings and houses. Three dimensional artists birds-eye view. Includes insets of Talcottville and Vernon.

1899 Miller & Co. Rockville Map. Good detail of city and ownership. Nothing in Vernon.

1931 Trolley Map of Vernon. Shows street layouts and trolley stops.

1934 Connecticut Fairchild Aerial Photography Map - Compare to current Google aerial maps.

Sanborn Maps. Sanborn is an American publisher of historical and current maps of US cities and towns. The maps were initially created to estimate fire insurance risks. The company's maps are frequently used for historical research. Maps of Rockville from 1885-1946 include a few from Vernon also. Available online.

Hockanum River Linear Park Master Plan Map - Map shows the plans for developing trails along both the Hockanum River and Lower Tankerhoosen River. Developed November 1991 and updated by George Arthur April 2009.

MAGIC: University of Connecticut Map And Geographic Information Center - Truly a magic resource this site includes Historical Maps, GIS information, Topographic maps, Mash-ups and just about anything you can imagine about Connecticut in a variety of combinations.

Talcottville Historic District Map - Outline of area included in the Historic District. No detail.


Connecticut Highways - History and stories of Connecticut's highways. A delightful resource.

Mills on the Tankerhoosen River - Website with description and photos of the mills on the lower Tankerhoosen River.

Talcottville Historic District - Description of the district from the nomination document for the National Register of Historic Places. S. Ardis Abbott, consultant, and Robert B. Hurd, architect, Vernon Historical Society and John Herzan, Connecticut Historical Commission, Talcottville Historic District, Vernon CT, nomination document, 1988, National Park Service, National Register of Historic Places, Washington, D.C. Includes bibliography of other resources and map of the historic district.

Vernon Depot - Website with description and photos of the old Vernon Depot in Dobsonville.


Audio recordings related to the Tankerhoosen Valley. Original tapes are at the Vernon Historical Society.

John Talcott, Jr. and John Talcott III. 20 minutes. Their memories of early Talcottville.

CT Archeologist describing the dig at Dobson Mill West. 26 minutes.

Beach Oral History Interview 'Memories of Valley Falls Farm'.

Darico 2003 Oral History Interview - Conducted by Carol Burke with Olga, Bill and Emma Darico. 30 minutes.

Other Resources

Community Resource Inventory Online - UConn Community Planning Website.

CT NEMO - NEMO (Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials) is a University of Connecticut Program for local land use officials addressing the relationship of land use to natural resource protection. Includes LID information.

Community Resource Inventory For Vernon - A NEMO tool that guides you through building your own community resource inventory.

Potential Sources of Funding for Greenway Projects - DEEP Website

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