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This section will provide information on the plants and animals, the flora and fauna, found in the Tankerhoosen Valley. The area includes endangered species as well as invasive species.


Overview of the wildlife to be found in the Valley.

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Health Of The River Valley

Volunteers have been involved in three recent studies monitoring the health of the river and its surroundings.

Invasive Plant Species: For the past three years the Vernon Conservation Commission has conducted inspections of the lakes, streams and ponds along Tankerhoosen River looking for invasive plants such as fanwort and milfoil. When found corrective action has been taken to contain it.

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Invasive Beetles: The Emerald Ash Borer and other invasive beetles are a threat to the area. One check is the purple 'barney boxes' you may have seen in trees near state property. This summer the Vernon Greenways Volunteers inspected six miles of the Rail-Trail as well. So far these beetles have not been found in the area.

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Streambed Microorganism Survey: For the past four years the Friends of the Hockanum Linear Park of Vernon, Inc. have led a survey to determine the health of the river by assessing how its microorganisms are doing from year to year. If they continue to flourish it's a sign the river is healthy.

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