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In this section you'll find a variety of information that doesn't fit neatly under any of the other categories. It includes information on Organizations, Reference Materials and a Glossary of terms.


There are quite a number of town and area clubs, government bodies and organizations that are concerned about and impact the area in a variety of ways. Organization Profiles provide detail on organizations in a consistent format. There are many opportunities to get involved in supporting the Valley.

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Published books and studies that contain information and maps on the Tankerhoosen Watershed. This website draws from these sources. Here you can find more detail and photos.

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Preservation & Protection

Planning efforts, issues and studies related to the preservation and protection of the Tankerhoosen Watershed.

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Published Articles

Website articles essentially complete, have been printed and are online as pdf files.

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A definition and explanation of some of the terms used on this website with which you might not be familiar from the fields of geology and environmental issues.

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