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References - Books

Following is a list of published books that contain information on the Tankerhoosen Valley. Most can be found at the Rockville Public Library or the Vernon Historical Society. Some are available online and are so linked. They are generally listed by date published.

» Reference page for studies, maps and online resources.

Vernon Histories

Kellogg, Allyn S. (1888). The Church of Christ In Vernon, Connecticut: An Historical Address. 50 pages. History and memories of the First Congregational Church by Kellogg (1824-1893), grandson of the first minister. Although primarily a church history includes early town history also. #

Cole, J. R. (1888). History of Tolland County, Connecticut. 992 pages. #

Prescott, Celia E. Vernon and Rockville In the Olden Time - 26 pages. Undated. Out of print, the Vernon Historial Society has several copies.

(1909). Vital Records Of Bolton To 1854 And Vernon To 1852. 291 pages. Connecticut Historical Society. Births, deaths and marriages. Includes early Colonial laws and detailed Bolton patent. #

Stanley, Mrs. Gardner (1936). History of Vernon and Rockville. - Unpublished. Available at Rockville Public Library and Vernon Historical Society. #

Stieg, Alma Louisa Hess (2000). Let's Visit Rockville: 1907-1925. 36 pages. Reminiscence of growing up in Rockville in the early 1900's. #

Cogswell, William T. (1872). History of Rockville From 1823 To 1871. An annotated update was published by and is available from the Vernon Historical Society, 2006. #

Brooks, George S. (1955). Cascades and Courage. 529 pages. This is the classic local history book. The entire text can be found and searched online. #

Lutz, Hazel P. (1970). Vernon Vignettes, Volume I. Vernon Historical Society. 76 pages. Short stories of Vernon's past including the Rockville Fair and Vernon's tunnel.

Lutz, Hazel P. (1976). Vernon Vignettes, Volume II. Vernon Historical Society. 76 pages. Short stories of Vernon's past including East Cemetery (Bamforth Road) and Valley Falls. #

Vernon, Our Town (2018). Vernon Historical Society. Although written for school children this is a good overview of Vernon history. #

Abbott, S. Ardis (2003). Building the Loom City - Rockville, Connecticut 1821-1908. Available from the Vernon Historical Society. #

(2014). Old Cemeteries of Vernon, Connecticut, U.S.A. 373 pages. An Eagle Scout project conducted by Zachary R. Kline and Michael J. Leonard supported by the Vernon Eduction Foundation. Photographs and GPS data on graves in the Bamforth Road and Dobson Road cemeteries. Available at Rockville Public Library and Vernon Historical Society. #

Symonds, Jr., Richard N. (2017). Water Powered Mill Sites in Vernon, Connecticut. 46 pages. #

Vernon Anniversary Publications

Smith, Harry Conklin (1908). A Century Of Vernon, CT 1808-1908. Prepared and published for Vernon's Centennial. Good history of Vernon's first 100 years drawing on contemporary sources. Smith was the editor of the Rockville Leader. The entire text can be found and searched online. #

Smith, Harry Conklin (1908). The Connecticut Magazine, Volume 12", 'Centennial of Vernon 1808-1908'. This is basically a reproduction of the Centennial book. The magazine and article are online to read. #

(1958). Vernon Rockville Sesquicentennial Photo Record 1808-1958. Rockville Reminder. 138 photos. #

Willes, Mildred S. (1974). 225th Anniversary Celebration of the First Congregational Church, Vernon, Connecticut 1762-1974. 32 pages. Includes early history of Vernon and first Meetinghouse. #

(1983). Collectors Edition 175th Anniversary, Official Souvenir Program - 1808-1983. Includes material from Vernon Our Town and Vernon Vignettes. #

(1983). Vernon - Through The Years - 175th Anniversary - 1808-1983. Tri Town Reporter. #

(2002). A History of the First Congregational Church of Vernon - 240th Anniversary. 31 pages. Includes early history of Vernon and first Meetinghouse. Update of 1974 pamphlet. #

(2008). The 200th Anniversary of Vernon-Rockville. Prepared and published for Vernon's BiCentennial. #

Vernon Photo Compilations

Randall, F. A. (Unknown). Souvenir of Rockville, Connecticut. Small book of photos. Undated but all early photos, many from postcards. #

Abbott, S. Ardis; Luddy, Jean A. (1998).Vernon and Historic Rockville. Images of America. Most of this book is also online to read. Available from the Vernon Historical Society. #

Abbott, S. Ardis; Luddy, Jean A. (2002). Vernon-Rockville in the Twentieth Century. Images of America. Available from the Vernon Historical Society. #

Tambling, Richard (2002). Looking Back - Historic Images of North Central Connecticut, Vol. 3. Journal Inquirer. Covers Vernon, Ellington, Tolland and Stafford. #

Other Town Histories

Alvord, Samuel Morgan (1920). A Historical Sketch of BOLTON, Connecticut. 29 pages. Short history of early Bolton written for the bicentennial. #

Ronson, Bruce G. (1970). BOLTON's Heritage: Historical Sketches of Bolton, Connecticut. 220 pages. Edited by Ronson for The Bolton Historians. Includes a history of Vernon. #

Church Charles Crandall (1986). A Documentary History of the Three Bolton Congregational Churches - 1725, 1768, 1848, Second Edition. Manuscript. 92 pages. #

DePold, Hans (2008). BOLTON Historic Tales. 160 pages. #

DePold, Hans (2011). BOLTON. 127 pages. Images of America. #

Messier, Betty Brook & Aronson, Janet Sutherland, The Roots of COVENTRY, Connecticut. Willimantic, CT: Willimantic Instant Printing Inc., 206 pages. Detail on founding of the town a few years before Bolton.

Goodwin, Joseph O. (1879). EAST HARTFORD: Its History and Traditions. 242 pages. Excellant history of early East Hartford with information on Hartford and Manchester. #

McKnight, Nellie E. (Undated). ELLINGTON: Glimpses of Earlier Days. 36 pages. Stories of early Ellington. Available at the Ellington Historical Society. #

(1952). Early ELLINGTON Village. 120 pages. Compiled by the Calendar Staff of the Ellington Congregational Church. Stories and news items of early Ellington. Available at the Ellington Historical Society. #

Cohen, Dorothy B. (1987). ELLINGTON Chronicles of Change. 276 pages. Very good history compiled by the town historian. Available at the Ellington Historical Society. #

Fahy, Lynn Kloter (2005). ELLINGTON. 128 pages. Images of America. Available at the Ellington Historical Society. #

Love, Rev. William Deloss (1914). The Colonial History of HARTFORD. 369 pages. Comprehensive history of Hartford which initially included East Hartford and Manchester. #

Weaver, Glenn (1982). HARTFORD: An Illustrated History of Connecticut's Capital. 205 pages. Illustrated overview of Hartford's history. #

Faude, Wilson H. (1985). The Great HARTFORD Picture Book. 208 pages. From the pictorial archives of the Connecticut State Library. #

Spiess, Mathias & Bidwell, Percy W.(1924). History of MANCHESTER, Connecticut. 306 pages. The definitive history of Manchester. #

Adams, Milton K. (1997). Old MANCHESTER III: Manchester Green ... a Picture Book. One of a series. #

Waldo, Loren Pinckney (1861). The Early History of TOLLAND. 148 pages. An address delivered before the Tolland County Historical Society. #

Hawkins, Edgar Marvin (1960). Life in TOLLAND Village in the 1880's. 60 pages. Memories of growing up in Tolland. #

(1965). TOLLAND 250th Anniversary, 1715-1965. Includes a good history of Tolland that overlaps the Eastern section of Vernon. #

(1968). TOLLAND: An Old Post Road Town. 52 pages. Stories of early Tolland published by the Tolland Historical Society. #

(1971). TOLLAND: The History of an Old Connecticut Post Road Town. 246 pages. Compiled by Harold Weigold for the Tolland Historical Society. Combines and updates earlier histories. #

Symonds, Jr., Richard N. (2006). Historical Guide to Ponds, Dams and Mill Sites in TOLLAND, Connecticut. 100 pages. #

Symonds, Jr., Richard N. (2013). Lost Mill Sites in TOLLAND, Connecticut. 34 pages. #

Atwater, Marshall A. (2014). The TOLLAND Transformation - 1940-2014. 160 pages. The Evolution of a Connecticut Farm Town. #

Stiles, Henry R. (1892). The History of Ancient WINDSOR, Vol. I. 950 pages. Detailed history of Windsor and its daughter towns. Volume II includes genealogies and biographies of early residents. #


Allis, Horatio D., Genealogy of William Allis of Hatfield, Mass and Descendants, 1630-1919, Volumes 1-3. Hartford, CT: Art Press. #

Alvord, Samuel Morgan (1908). A Genealogy of the Descendants of Alexnder Alvord. Book scanned and available online for information on the Alvord family who were prominent early settles of Bolton.

Hopkins, Timothy, The Kellogg's In The Old World and The New, Volumes 1-3. San Francisco, CA: Sunset Press & Photo Engraving Co., 1903. #

Talcott, S. V. (1876). Talcott Pedigree in England and America from 1665 to 1876. Book scanned and available online for information on the Talcott family.


Barber, John Warner (1836). Hartford Historical Collections. 132 pages. Collection of facts, traditions, biographical sketches, etc. relating to the history and antiquities of every town in Connecticut. #

Randall Talcott Journals. Randall lived in Talcottville, a poor relative of the mill owners. He kept journals (diaries) from 1877-1879 detailing his life. At that time he did not work at the mill. The journals were typed up by Martha Beebe Brooks in 1989. There is a copy at the Vernon Historical Society. The originals are at the Talcottville Congregational Church.

(1883). The Historical Statistical and Industrial Review of the State of Connecticut, Part I. W. S. Webb & Co. Detail review of businesses including mills. The link is just to the Vernon and Rockville section. #

Bagnall, William R. (1893). The Textile Industries of the United States, Vol. I. Includes detail history of John Warburton, Peter Dobson and their mills. #

(1903). Commemorative Biographical Record of Tolland and Windham Counties, Connecticut. J. H. Beers & Co. Beers published a series of books with paid biographies. Good source for local biographies. The entire text of Volume I can be found and searched online. Haven't found Volume II online. #

Bagnall, William R. (1908). Sketches of Manufacturing Establishments in New York City, and of Textile Establishments in the Eastern States, Vol. II. Good history of early Vernon textile mills. On Microfiche at the CT Historical Society. #

Sellers, Helen Earle (1942). Connecticut Town Origins: Their Names, Boundaries, Early Histories and First Families. 96 pages. Includes overview of how our towns developed. #

Ronson, Bruce G. (1952). News and Views in Vernon. Includes streets and residences. #

Knapp, Alfred P. (1985). Connecticut Yesteryears - So Saith The Wind. 116 pages. Excellent history of the Native Americans in New England and Connecticut. #

(2003). Voices of the New Republic: Connecticut Towns 1800-1832, Volume I. The Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences. 493 pages. Includes Rev. Ebenezer Kellogg's 1800 description of North Bolton (Vernon). #

Bibliography of Vernon and Rockville Local History. Rockville Public Library. A three page list of published resources on the area and where circulating copies can be obtained.

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