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Preservation & Protection

This section provides information on studies and issues that affect the Tankerhoosen Valley. Those of us living or using the area need to be aware of and understand what has an environmental impact on the area. The difference of opinions usually involve business growth versus resource protection. It's a delicate balance that requires informed citizens. We hope this section will add to your understanding.

Designing Healthy Communities

Ellington's Planning Department, Planning & Zoning Commission & Conservation Commission hosted a workshop in June 2015 by Walkable Communities expert Mark Fenton on Building Healthy Communities. It provided ideas for Ellington and began a dialog between the administration and residents. The linked page has my overview of the workshop and a link to Fenton's slide presentation.

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Low Impact Development (LID)

LID is about stormwater management. It is an innovative approach that uses the basic principle modeled after nature: manage rainfall where it lands. Vernon recently developed regulations that will protect the Tankerhoosen River. Their adoption is pending with the Planning & Zoning Committee.

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Plan Of Conservation & Development (POCD)

Every ten years towns update their Plan of Conservation & Development providing guidelines for zoning decisions and community development. Each time it is a tug of war between developers and conservationists. Vernon's new POCD went into effect on January 30, 2012 and contains a wealth of information about the community.

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Sustainable Vernon

Vernon joined the Sustainable CT Program in 2019 created by the CT Conference of Municipalities - towns and cities working together to improve everyone's life. We received the highest level awarded, a Silver Certification. We must apply again in 2022. How does our participation benefit you and your family in Vernon?

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Tankerhoosen River Watershed Management Plan

Four years were spent studying the watershed, its challenges and creating a plan for preserving and protecting the area. Completed in 2009 the Plan has been a guide for moving forward. It contains a wealth of informative and useful information.

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Updated December 2021

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