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Published Articles

The following 32 articles are essentially complete, have been printed and are available as pdf files.

Allis Family

Allis Mills

Allis Headstone

Allis Headstone Installation

Kellogg, Allyn Stanley

Kellogg Letter

Meetinghouse Hill Index

Meetinghouse Hill Introduction

Meetinghouse Hill Story

Meetinghouse Hill Barn

Rockville Index

Rockville - Israel Kellogg House

Rockville - IORM Tribe

Talcottville Timeline

Talcottville Bridge

Talcottville as a Company Town

Talcottville Library & Office

Talcottville's Mount Hope Cemetery

Tank Tales Index

Tank Tales - Forest Fire of 1892

Tank Tales - Thomas Hooker & the Old CT Path

Tank Tales - T Ditch

Tank Tales - The Tin Peddler's Ruse

Tank Tales - Vernon Depot Blizzard of 1888

Tank Tales - Vernon Highway Bypass

VF Timeline

VF Southeast School

VF Sharps Trout Hatchery

VF Henrietta Cassin Munchow

VF The Alabama

Vernon Grange

Historic Properties

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