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Although most of the articles on this website are on the Tankerhoosen River Valley a few have been done out of curiousity about Rockville. Links are gathered below.

Jacob Arbus, Furrier

Jacob Arbus was an Austrian immigrant who came to Vernon in the late 1800's as a farmer off Bolton Road. Once settled in town and having saved enough money he was able to establish himself as a successful merchant in Rockville. Many immigrants probably took similar routes to citizenship and success, but Arbus came to our attention during our Valley Falls research.

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Israel Kellogg's Boarding House

The town recently purchased the property next to the Rockville Public Library at 62 Union Street for additional parking. The property includes a long vacant house known as the Israel Kellogg House built about 1850. Who was Isreal Kellogg and how was the house used?

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Tankeroosan Tribe of the Improved Order Of Red Men

During the early 20th Century Rockville was home to many fraternal organizations. One very active in its day and unknown today was the Tankeroosan Tribe of the Improved Order Of Red Men.

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For most of the twentieth century a pair of standpipes stood atop Stickney Hill in Rockville providing high pressure water to the city below for factories, homes and fire department. Although gone now they were an important piece of Rockville's history helping to make the cityprosperous. This is the story of Rockville's early water sysem.

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Updated March 2021

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