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Talcott Family

We know, of course, that the Talcott family is associated with Talcottville and its mills. This article provides some background on the family and the contributions they made to Vernon, with a focus on those who helped shape the Tankerhoosen Valley.

Early Talcotts In Connecticut

John Talcott came to Hartford in 1636 with Rev. Thomas Hooker and was instrumental in establishing the young colony. The Talcott family played a role in establishing not just Hartford, but also Wethersfield, Glastonbury, Bolton and Vernon. This page is a brief account of how the Talcott family, all descendants of John Talcott the immigrant, came to early Bolton.

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Talcotts in Bolton and Vernon

Following is a brief account of how the Talcott family, all descendants of John Talcott, came to Vernon and impacted our town. Some key members of the family are covered in more detail below.

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Charles and Horace Talcott

Brothers Charles and Horace Talcott bought Kellogsville in 1856, changed the name to Talcottville and grew the mill and town over the next 75 years. This is their story.

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Faith Talcott

The Talcott women usually played supportive roles, but Faith Harriet Talcott was an education pioneer in the early 20th Century.

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Phineas Talcott, Jr.

Phineas Talcott, Jr built Rockville's American Mill and gave us Talcott Park, but his path from farm boy to wealthy industrialist took an unusual path.

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Royall Talcott

Royall Talcott grew up in Talcottville but is remembered not for the mills but because he kept a detailed journal in the late 1870's. His is a very different story.

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Samuel Smith Talcott

Not all the Talcott mill owners were associated with the Talcott Mill. Samuel Smith Talcott built a mill on the lower Hockanum River which would lead to the Granite Mills.

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Updated July 2023

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