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Looking Back, Looking Ahead

At the turn of the year it's customary to review highlights of the previous year and see what the New Year has in store for us.

For our January newsletter we've chosen six stories that took place in 2019 affecting the Tankerhoosen Valley. They should all be familiar to you, but with all that happens outside our town they can be easily overlooked.

And we've chosen another six stories that should take place in 2020. We have some interesting things to look forward to.

» Read Looking Back, Looking Ahead.

Our 300th Anniversary

In 1720, exactly one hundred years after the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock, the Connecticut General Court in Hartford granted the town of Bolton's petition to incorporate. The Tricentennial is being celebrated this year.

Why does this matter to those of us in Vernon? In 1720 the piece of land we now call Vernon was part of Bolton, and for the next 88 years we would be one town.

During those 88 years North Bolton was slowly settled; we played an important role in the Revolutionary War, the United States was created, North Bolton's population grew, we added territory and the first cotton mills appeared on the Tankerhoosen River.

All this happened before 1808 and we often ignore events that happened here before that year. This year, 2020, is an opportunity to remember and honor our relationship and shared history.

» Read about the plans for our 2020 300th Anniversary.

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Jon Roe   

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