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Major Parcels

There are several major parcels that make up much of the protected land in the Tankerhoosen Valley. They are owned by the Town of Vernon, the Northern Connecticut Land Trust and the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. This page will lead you to descriptions of these properties.

Belding Wildlife Management Area

The 282-acre Belding WMA was given to the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection by the Belding family in 1981. It adjoins the Tankerhoosen WMA and Valley Falls Park. The property includes a dammed pond, marked hiking trails, restoration projects and several fields including a flower meadow. It's a favorite area for hiking.

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Talcott Ravine

The Talcott Ravine is a 20-acre parcel along the Tankerhoosen River between Talcottville and Dobson Road. It includes the ravine, old mills, the river, is next to Talcottville Pond and has a nice hiking trail which is part of the Rail-Trail-Ravine loop. The property is owned by the Northern Connecticut Land Trust having been donated by the Talcott family in 2010.

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Tankerhoosen Wildlife Management Area

The Tankerhoosen WMA is the latest property along the Tankerhoosen River to be preserved. The 449-acre parcel was purchased by the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection in 2011. It is located just below Walker Reservoir East which is the beginning of the river. It includes the first mile of the river, two feeder streams, Walker Reservoir West and a section of the Shenipsit Trail.

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Valley Falls Park

Valley Falls Park is owned by the Town of Vernon and includes a pond and public beach as well as hiking trails along the valley floor and a Braille Trail. Located on Railroad Brook, a feeder from Bolton to the Tankerhoosen River, the trails connect to the Hop River Rail Trail, the Shenipsit Trail and the Belding Wildlife Management Area. It is also an historic site with ruins of the earliest mill in town, the Sharp's Trout Farm and adjacent Valley Fall Farm.

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