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Talcottville Memorial Day Parade

Daffodil Labyrinth

Each Memorial Day the town of Vernon has two parades. The primary parade is held in Rockville on Monday, but on Sunday one of the state's shortest parades takes place in Talcottville. Marchers begin at the Congregational Church and proceed to the Civil War monument in the cemetery where ceremonies are held. The parade usually includes Vernon's mayor and council members as well as the fire and police departments, scout groups and veterans. Both John Talcott, Jr at 103 years old and his son John Talcott III are veterans and were honored guests at the service in 2011.

Every Memorial Day, employees of the town's cemeteries place flags by the graves of veterans from all wars. Civil War veterans have special metal stars to hold their flags.

Mount Hope Cemetery is the home of Vernon's earliest Civil War monument, an obelisk at the highest point in the cemetery. The cemetery was dedicated in 1867 and the memorial monument was dedicated two years later in 1869. The memorial is an obelisk with the names engraved of those from the area who gave their lives in the war.

The cemetery itself was created by the Talcott family as a final resting place for family, mill workers and others in their community. The name comes from the hill where the cemetery is located.

Photos are from the 2011 and 2012 parades and services. Click on them for full size.

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Memorial Day Parade 2012

Daffodil Labyrinth Daffodil Labyrinth Daffodil Labyrinth

Memorial Day Parade 2011

Daffodil Labyrinth Daffodil Labyrinth Daffodil Labyrinth
Daffodil Labyrinth Daffodil Labyrinth Daffodil Labyrinth

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