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Kelloggville (1835-1855)

1937 Rockville Water System Map
1853 Kelloggville.

In 1835 Nathaniel Kellogg bought the mills as the sole proprietor beginning a period of significant growth for the young mill village. Kellogg developed the first manufacturing village expanding the mills and building quality housing for his workers.

Kellogg operated the mill for 20 years, adding several more dwellings and a new three-story mill building. The basis of the new industry was the manufacture of satinet, a wool cloth having a cotton warp which was first manufactured here by Peter Dobson and Delano Abbott in 1812.

During the 20-year period of his stewardship Rockville was also putting down its roots and the cloth and clothing industry was initiated.

Toward the end of the Kelloggville era the railroad arrived with a station in town likely due to Kellogg's efforts.

We don't have the detail for this time period as we do for the Talcotts era but the 1853 map provides a peak at what Kellogg created.

Nathaniel Kellogg died in 1850 having established a solid base which would be built on by the Talcott family.

During this period the closest cemetery was the Southwest Cemetery on Dobson Road and the nearest church was the First Congregational Church in Vernon Center.

In this section we'll take a closer look at Nathaniel Kellogg and his contributions.


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