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Talcottville is a modern community in Vernon, Connecticut. Linked to the past as a result of its unique history, the town is often cited as a well preserved historical example of an industrial village typical of 19th century America.

New England was once spotted with this type of mill town. They were clustered enterprise zones where virtually all aspects of the lives of the mill workers, including their dwellings, the church, the school and the 'company store' were controlled by the owners.

That system is gone, but it's amazing how many original houses and features still exist on Main Street and Elm Hill Road, reflecting the way they were in the 1800’s. Talcottville is a registered National Historic District. Residents today are interested in preserving the town’s identity, to keep the modern world from closing in.

This section of the Tankerhoosen website is designed to explore Talcottville and its history; but the contents are arranged in book form. The goal is to first post online and then relatively easily convert to a book. What follows is the sections index.

Talcottville Structure

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