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Fairyland At Christmas

Fairy Bridge
Crossing the bridge to Fairyland

Deep in the woods is a small grove of pine trees. Each Christmas, for many years, as if by magic, decorations appear on the trees and then just as magically disappear after the holidays. Woods have always been considered magical places populated by fairies, elves and gnomes. I like to think that our Tankerhoosen fairies, being playful, decorate the trees each year - just for themselves or for those who might wander by.

Fairy House
A summer fairy house?

Each year during the Christmas season I make sure to take a walk through this area of the Valley to see the decorations. It's always special, particularly with snow on the ground. Each year I wonder if they will indeed be there again, and I'm always delighted when I first spot them.


This year I took pictures to share with you. Click on the photos to see full size.

Where in the Valley is Fairyland and the magical pine grove? That's a place you'll have to discover for yourself. If you are meant to find it, the fairies will lead you there. There are clues in the pictures and those who have explored the area probably won't have too much trouble finding it. But then they have already spent a lot of time in the woods and have made their connection with the nature spirits.

But hurry. The season passes quickly, and then you'll have to wait for Easter and new decorations.

Ornaments Ornaments Ornaments

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