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Places To Visit

This section describes interesting places to visit in the Tankerhoosen Valley. There are articles on locations and features you may want to visit. The Roadways section ties a number of them together to help you plan your routes.


Besides the beautiful natural areas in the Tankerhoosen Valley there are also many planted and cultivated gardens. Most are small, but show the hand of a caring gardener. There is also variety with seasonal spring only gardens, butterfly gardens, a labyrinth, rain gardens and memorial plantings. Stop by to explore the wonders right next door to you.

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There are many ways to arrange all the places to visit and learn about in the Tankerhoosen Valley. In this section they are arranged by roadway so that as you drive, bike or walk you can learn more about what you are seeing or what is just out of your sight. The first road described is Bamforth Road, a short road with a number of interesting places to stop along the way.

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Special Places

The Tankerhoosen Valley has unique and interesting places to explore; some visible and some hidden; some magical and some just curious. Our first is a fairy land, hidden deep in the forest.

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