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Installing David Allis' New Headstone

The three-year project to reproduce the missing headstone of David Allis, one of Vernon's founders, came to fruition on June 16, 2020 when the new stone was installed in the Old North Bolton Burying Ground on Bamforth Road in Vernon. Stone cutter RANDALL NELSON, and TRAVIS CLARK and JIM WOOD of the Vernon Cemetery Department set the new stone in place, primarily using methods similar to those used at the time of Allis' burial in 1789.

The Coronavirus has caused delays, but we expect to hold two ceremonies for the new installation - the first, probably in the fall, with Bolton's First Selectman and Vernon's Mayor as part of Bolton's 300th Anniversary Celebration; and the second in September 2021 when the Ohio Sons of the American Revolution do a grave marking for Allis.

» Read the full story of Allis' missing headstone.

Photos by CAROL NELSON & JON ROE. Click on images for larger size.

A close look at the new stone.

Mill Walls Spillway
A hole is dug for the new stone.
The stone arrives.
The only use of modern technology.

Mill Walls Spillway
The stone is transferred to a dolly.
A tripod is used to set the stone.

Mill Walls Spillway
Randall next to David Allis new headstone.
David's wife's & stepmother's stones to the right.
The Allis stones are in the far right corner.
David's unweathered headstone stands out.

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